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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 26, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news, firefighters battling the rim fire near yosemite national park make a little progress but it is still burning out of control. >> good morning, the fire has burned 150,000 acres since it began last week the right new it is only 15 percent contained. that is up from 7 percent. the fire is threatening 4,500 homes. there are evacuation orders in effect. berkeley beloveed tuolumne camp is destroyed.
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this is video only on abc7 news. the catch is destroyed by films. the tuolumne camp has existed for 90 years. >> in is what the camp looked like on friday before the fire swept through. guests evacuated before the fire hit. investigators say flammable materials helped feed the fire including tents. >> we are receiving reports of campers who have visited over the years. this was taken at berkeley tuolumne camp in 28 state. >> another picture from her, from 2007, showing a young child at the camp. >> if you have pictures or stories from previous trips to tuolumne camp send them to us. >> happening now the governor is meeting with firefighters at the base camp in the city and being briefed by state and federal fire and emergency officials. as we mentioned, the fire has
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burned 150,000 acres which is larger than the city of chicago. this map give as better idea how large the rim fire has become and the yellow area on your screen shows where the fire was on wednesday and the red area is where the fire is today presenting serious challenges for firefighters with steep slopes, lots of dry fuel and rugged terrain difficult to get to on the ground. >> mike nicco has been tracking the conditions for firefighters. >> it is a tough situation and worse as you see how big it grew. i will show you high resolution satellite images from the same time: down to the south of lake tahoe, hard to see because of the smoke, this is thursday and now as we go through friday, it was probably the worst day for the wide-spread smoke because the wins calmed down and that helps the firefighters but did not help the air quality. as we went into saturday, you could see the smoke starting to thin out again and the same
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thing yesterday. the wins are starting to pick up. they will be from the south up to 25 miles per hour. that will be an issue. also, look at this threat of thunderstorms. this is rolling up toward yosemite national park. they will stay south of it today but the possibility of more lightning strikes is likely around yosemite national park tomorrow. the winds could be gusty. that could fan the flames. the lightning could start another fire or two. that is the worst case scenario. >> checking with you later in the newscast, bay area utility officials are still nervous of the proximity of the fire to the water system which provides water and power to a big chunk of the region. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is in san francisco with more on the story. >> a very nervous time for folks who bring water from the sierra to the bay area and we just got an update and they are watching the fire.
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it is safe for now. water quality is safe. a smoky haze lingers over the dam and the reservoir where most of the bay area's drinking water comes from. the massive rim fire is burning only several miles arm. at the san francisco public utilities commission quarter quality is being monitored from this emergency situation room. so far, 305 million gallons a day piped into the bay area is safe from falling ash. >> we are monitoring the water quality coming out of the reservoir and monitoring as it comes to san francisco. any change that happens, we will implement our contingency plans. >> including water from local watersheds. friday the governor declared a state of emergency for san francisco to allow the p.u.c. to repair all power to public buildings in the city. >> do you like to drink water?
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>> this mother and her come come to the building where a mural shows where water and power comes from this area. >> we are helping to maintain the environment that we here today to appreciate. >> almost 200 miles away, the massive wildfire rages on. >> the water is piped from the reservoir 200' below the surface because of that it may not be until spring before the run off snow melt and the ash could cause water officials to use water sources from local waterheads -- watersheds. >> there was an overnight police stand off and streets are open. there was a call to police after midnight from a man who threatened to hurt himself the he did not give a location but officers found him near 12 the by using cell phone towers
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holding a knife to his chest. a crisis intervention officer talked to him about four hours before the unidentified man finally gave up. some victims of child molestation are reading their statements in a courtroom right now before sentencing is pronounced on the psychiatrist who pleaded no connest to molesting his young male patients in the 1990's and matt matt joins us. >> 11 people will give statements. >> one man described himself as a victim of the psychiatrist shoot 12' away from the defendant and called him horrible and said this was disgusting. the statements come after the judge heard a request by the convince to suspend proceed inbecause of competency. the judge denied the request and he pleaded no contest to 8 felony molestation in may. the 81 your other has a hung jury the first time and mistrial
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in twine between. he is a former president of the american academy of child and adolescent subcommittee -- psychiatry and treated children from 1960's to 2006. the prosecution says he inappropriately touched five boy who came for counseling in 9 early 1990's and the prosecution say they identified 45 other alleged victims but the statute of limitations made it impossible to try the cases. the defense says it will have people making statements on behalf of the defendant today. sentencing follows that and he could face eight to 22 years in prison when he is sentenced by the judge. >> happening now we have a look at what, exactly, caltran will be doing in the hours leading up to the bay bridge closeure and the steps to be taken. kira klapper is in oakland and we are running out of time to plan alternate routes. >> we are, eric. the closure starts at 8:00 on
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wednesday night and the caltran is inside the building telling the media exactly what will go open throughout the closure and they want us to remind you to make plans to get around in spite of the closure. here is how it works: go to making i don't and the bay bridge will be closed at 8:00 on wednesday night to on the brand new eastern span of the bay bridge and they want people to plan ahead for the long labor day weekend. the around-the-clock work begins on wednesday night and the bridge is structurally ready to be driven and crews need to pave and stripe the new lanes and they will align both ends of the new plan with interstate 80 to the east.
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on oakland side contractors need rebuild a small portion of the roadway between the incline of the bridge and the toll plaza. again, the new bridge is set to open by tuesday morning september 3 and also something exciting, the new bicycle lanes that will go from emeryville to the island will be opened by noon on tuesday, as well. >> you can see how close the new bay bridge is to opening by checking out caltran's live construction camera on and look under see it on tv with information on downloading the traffic app and find out about the extra service bart and a.c. transit and san sn francisco bay ferry are offering. we will notify the twitter followers when the bridge opens. >> the new $1 billion arena for the warriors on san francisco's waterfront is months behind the original schedule.
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the "san francisco chronicle" reporting that the cost to repair pier 30 and 32 which hold the venue has increased by up to $50 million. also, the team could miss the 2017 targeted opening date. representatives of the warriors are down playing the delays as "routine" for a complex project saying it will be ready for the start of the season. >> next on abc7 news, the investigation into an alleged come attack in syria. the dangerous situation the u.n. inspectors encountered today. >> a bay area soldier
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>> president obama is about to award staff sergeant ty carter the nation's highest military on at the white house. originally from antioch, staff sergeant carter is receiving the medal for his courageous actions in afghanistan in october of 2009 when he braved enemy fire a half dozen times to carry injured soldiers to medical ail and deliver ammunition all during a firefight with the taliban. carter is only the 5th living recipient of the medal of honor awarded for service in iraq and afghanistan. he is a father of three. we are waiting for the president to approach the podium. we are streaming the ceremony, live, right now, on our website
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at >> we are also following developing news from syria where u.n. people say snipers have spot at their teams several times to inspect the use of chemical weapons on rebel for thes. activists claim 1,300 people were killed last wednesday. syria denies they used the poison but a senior white house official says there is very little doubt. >> happening now in texas, a sentencing phase is underway in the murder trial convicted army psychiatrist nidal hasan. a military jury found him guilty of premeditated murder for the 2009 ft. hood shooting that left 13 dead, and it was the most deadly mass shooting ever on the military installation. understand mad is acting at his own attorney and faces the death penalty and could be the first active duty soldier to be executed in more than 50 years.
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through this morning, the arizona woman convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend back in court for five minutes. she wore a black and white jump suit during her brief appearance in phoenix. the judge set a new date for pre-trial next month focusing on the penalty phase. she was found guilty in may of murdering her ex-boyfriend and the jury was not able to agree on whether to sentence her to death or to life in prison. the new jury will not hear the entire case but only to decide her fate. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we will look outside and open up the wet weather. the clouds are breaking from emeryville back to san francisco, and we still have flight arrival thais at an hour and a half and they could become more routine in the forecast. i will show you a cooling trend for the weekend, the holiday could be cooler. >> guys, how clean do you keep your bedroom? a survey reveals the dirty secret some men are hiding.
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>> shocked and awed, th
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>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, single men wash their bed sheets just four times a year. >> gross! >> according to a new survey by mattress company. they asked british men age 18 to 25 how often they change their sheets and 55 percent said they
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change them every three months. we hope there is a cultural difference here. women over the aim 35 were the cleanest with 60 percent saying they washed their sheets each week and they found couples usually wait two week before washing linens. >> to help you get to the laundromat, please, download abc7 news free alarm clark smartphone act with the bay area headlines and radar and traffic alerts. >> change mine from coffee, coffee, coffee, to get out and watch your linens. >> quarters, quarters, quarters. >> brutal. >> let's move on. oh, my...good morning, everyone.
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hopefully you are having a good monday, live doppler 7 hd shows i put the cloud cover on there and it is broken compared to yesterday and we going to see a lot sunshine and even the coast is partly cloudy but they are still creating the flight arrival delays. check our flight tracker at you can see the northwest wind prevailing and the dry air trying to move in because the northwest wind is faster. the clouds are having a hard time escaping in the middle and southern part of the bay. that is the case by noon, you will be fine, also, and talk about temperatures, 61 in san francisco and up to 76 in antioch and 71 in santa rosa and los gatos and if you are headed to lunch in san jose or fremont, 65, and 66 in san carlos and oakland and hayward about 63. from south beach, we are looking to richmond, you can see the bridge there and the water is
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beautiful from this angle with the winds blowing in. because of that, we are going to have temperatures close to average and we do not have a real strong sea breeze. clouds and patchy drizzle, and sierra thunderstorms, with a threat of more thunderstorms in the sierra tomorrow. it is a threat. hopefully not a repeat of what is going on there now. from mount tamalpais, you can see sausalito in the clear and san francisco is waiting another 40 minutes to get more such shine in the neighborhood is we will be a degree cooler than yesterday at 68. oakland and fremont, at three to four degrees cooler because of the slow erosion of cloud cover and santa rosa on the way to being three degrees warmer. concord and san jose, about the same, 82 degrees in san jose and a lot of upper 70's in milpitas and sunnyvale, and millbrae at 70, and mid-60's loan the coast and low 70's in sausalito and
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downtown san francisco. 20 degrees cooler at the beaches from 68 in richmond to 76 in fremont and low-to-mid 80's throughout the east bay valley. tonight, the temperatures are same, mid-50 to to a few 66 and the closer you are to the coast you more likely you are to run into drizzle. there is low pressure, a sign of cooler weather, and it is my gritting a little bit to the north and today, warmer in a few spots and tomorrow we probably have the warmest today and in that trough we will have high pressure out the way and temperatures are back to average wednesday and thursday and a cooling trend friday, saturday, and sunday and the temperatures are below average headed into the holiday week. >> did you see this? pop star milely cyrus and her eye popping performance at the mtv video music awards are making a lot of headlines.
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some folks may find the racy dance moves inappropriate. well, the follower disney star stripped down but timberlake brought the house done when he was reunited with his firm boy band 'n sync for the first time in 11 years. >> coming up, new arrival. >> we get our first look at the latest attract at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> we will take you back to washington, dc, where president obama is getting set to hand the nation's highest military on, the medal of honor, to staff sergeant ty carter, antioch native
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>> the governor is meeting with firefighters at the base camp in tuolumne camp and being briefed by a state and federal fire and emergency official, the rim fire having reached 150,000 acres, roughly the size of the city chicago.
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it is only 15 percent contained. >> we will switch gears and let you have a look at the newest addition at the national zoo in washington, dc. >> the smithsonian which runs the zoo provides this picture of the cub which received a clean bill of health. the panda weighs 4.5 ounces. >> doesn't look like a panda yet but the fur will grow in the next few months. >> thanks for join us.
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